Neuropsychological Evaluation

The Neuropsychological evaluation completed at Clear Vision addresses “the cause and the whys”. Neuropsychological testing is repeated every three months to illustrate progress or to identify areas needing more attention. (Typical Psycho-Social Evaluations are symptom-based testing).

The evaluation is 5-8 hours, comprised of a one-on-one interview and a series of eight tests that assess three factors:

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    Factor 1 : Abilities

    Includes attention/concentration, verbal, perceptual motor, memory/learning and higher level reasoning.

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    Factor 2 : Skills

    Includes the academic skills of reading, written expression, math and listening comprehension.

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    Factor 3 : Coping Resources

    Includes the resident’s coping skills, family relationships and the social support that she may have.

By examining the strengths and weaknesses in all these areas, a more comprehensive ISP will be developed. Measurable pre and post testing illustrates what competencies have been attained. This process lends itself to expand on the effectiveness of goal planning for the continuum of care.