Residential Services

Clear Vision is a 25 bed staff secure residential service licensed by the Department of Human Service and is fully staffed 24/7. Click here to learn more about Clear Vision’s residential program.



Drug & Alcohol

Clear Vision Residential Drug & Alcohol Treatment Facility is a 6-bed staff secure group home setting licensed by the Pennsylvania Department of Drug & Alcohol.  Staffing pattern is 1/6, 24/7 supervision.  Click here to learn more about Clear Vision’s Drug & Alcohol program.


Referrals & Admissions

Clear Vision’s mission and services are geared towards adolescent girls.  Learn more about the requirements and qualifications needed for enrollment with Clear Vision’s Residential Services and Group Home.



Our Mission

Clear Vision is dedicated to providing ethical, professional and high quality individualized services to 13-19 year-old adolescent females who are in need of placement outside of the home environment.