On-Site Education

There are two fully equipped classrooms on-site each with a PA certified teacher in special education and each with paraprofessional support. Both teachers are highly qualified to teach in their subject areas according to the state of Pennsylvania. The facility also qualifies for Title 1 Neglected and Delinquent (N & D) grants which are used to augment the traditional classroom experiences in ways that encourage students to stay in school, further their educations, and explore future career interests. The schooling is tailored to meet the residents’ educational needs and the requirements of their home school districts. If residents meet the graduation requirements for their home school district, they may be issued a diploma through that home school district.

Field trips and guest speakers are incorporated into the curriculum. Average student to teacher/ paraprofessional ratio is 6:1. Communication of progress and updated grade and special education documentation is related back to students’ home school districts and to families.