Assertiveness training, violence prevention, conflict resolution, drug/alcohol, , healthy relationships, parenting, HIV/AIDS/STD, self esteem, victimization, wellness/healthy living, survivors of sexual assault.

PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)

Counselors who have attended the Pennsylvania PTSD Project Curriculum Training facilitate the PTSD Curriculum.

Some youth may experience situations so upsetting that they cannot forget them. Sometimes youth will avoid anything and everything that remind them of the situation. PTSD is a serious condition that causes emotional, psychological and physiological responses from trauma.

BARJ (Balanced and Restorative Justice)

The goals of BARJ provide for youth committing delinquent acts programs of supervision, care and rehabilitation which provide balanced attention to the protection of the community, the imposition of accountability for offenses committed and the development of competencies to enable children to become responsible and productive members of the community.

Counselors present the BARJ principles .

Thinking for a Change

This cognitive behavioral program includes curriculum on problem solving skills, social skills and cognitive restructuring. This curriculum has pre and post tests within the 25 lesson program.